Rodizio Rico

Re-design of the Rodizio Rico website and UX.

Working in tandem with UX and product designer Caue Mattos, I coordinated and executed the research, usability testing and UX writing until the delivery of a revamped, mobile-first website.

ROLE: UX Researcher and UX Writer

UX Research and Competitive Analysis · Contextual Inquiries and Survey · Usability Test · User Flow


Rodizio Rico, the UK's first Brazilian churrascaria, has three branches open at lunch and dinner with an average occupancy rate of 80%. With a growing popularity of such dining experience, the amount of inbound call at restaurants have increased significantly over the past years, this has ultimately impacted the efficiency and quality of the service offered.

Rodizio Rico’s clients need better ways to reserve a table and find the information they are looking for so that inbound call volume to restaurants can be reduced.
We used the Double Diamond Design Methodology (Discover/Define/Deliver) to evaluate the online booking experience and understand user preferences for visual design and navigation. We wanted to gather qualitative and quantitative data from existing customers, ideally those who had already visited the Rodizio Rico website or attempted to make an online reservation. So we placed a QR code on each restaurant table that linked to the online survey. To ensure that we collected a significant amount of data, we offered a free drink or dessert as an incentive to complete the survey.
Based on survey results and key takeaways we narrowed down the pool of potential solutions to develop so to address critical pain points in the UX design.
With the help of the above data and insights, we developed a persona that outline behaviours and preferences of the targeted Rodizio Rico's customer base.
persona rodizio rico

Peter is a meat lover, socially active, and always on the lookout for exciting and authentic dining experiences. He always trusts the recommendations of colleagues and friends; he recently heard about Rodizio Rico from a colleague and can't wait to try it.

  • 30 years old
  • Personal Trainer
  • Lives in London, UK
  • Yearly Net income: £37k
  • He's a meat lover, so he'd always choose a place where he could get plenty of good meat.
  • He's looking for an indulgent dining experience to impress his friends.
  • He's eager to try something unusual, yet authentic.
  • Peter always books tables via mobile.
  • Peter is tired of visiting the same London restaurants.
  • To accommodate everyone's budget, he wants to find value for money.
  • He values efficiency and convenience in his dining experience.
Honing further our research, we conducted a competitive analysis amongst the most popular Brasilian Churrascheria within the UK:
AriseHealth logo2020INC logoThe Paak logoEphicient logo
We investigating the online navigation experience offered based on:
1) Online booking. How does this works? Are they relying on third parties reservation system?
2) Menu and Price visibility and readability. How easy is for users to browse online menu and different price options?
3) The overall website look&feel and visual design
4) Any advantage that differentiate them from competitors

In redesigning the website and navigation experience, we started by focusing on:
Visual Hierarchy · Information Architecture · CTAs proximity.

Sketches 03Sketches 01
Low-Fidelity Prototypes - Mobile and Desktop
Lo-Fi Prototype
Once the navigation and user flow were validated, we iterated the design on a high-fidelity prototype. The goal at this stage was to: understand how users interact with the different components, such as checking menu and pricing options yet assess the efficiency of reserving a table at a desired Rodizio Rico's branch. Participants were asked to perform  tasks and to value on a 5 points likert-scale the level of satisfaction in completing the task.
  • METHOD: Evaluative research through unmoderated test
  • SURVEY DESIGN: open-end, multiple-choice and 5 points likert-scale questions
  • DATA SOURCED: Qualitative and quantitative
Below are the test results and improvements achieved by the web redesign:
100% search success rate for menu and price information

Customers frequently called to ask for menu and pricing options. Through this usability test, we achieved a 100% success rate in the task, which users completed in less than 18 seconds. We also asked about the level of satisfaction in browsing the information and got a rating of 4.8 on a 5 point likert-scale. In the future, our goal is to reduce the volume of inbound calls to restaurants by at least 80%.

Reduced booking completion time

By modifying the design of the "Book a Table" CTA, we were able to achieve a 100% success rate while significantly reducing the time to book a table, which users completed in an average of 48 seconds.

Refinement of user preferences

Given the extensive list of menu prices, which vary depending on the time of day and day of the week, we redesigned the page to reduce the cognitive load on the user and make it more appealing and intuitive. 75% of users show their preference for the menu price drop-down function.
Furthermore, users were asked to show their preference towards different aspects and features of the revamped design and navigation flow. Results proved our success in improving visual and content hierarchy as well as a mobile-first navigation experiences.

Usability Test Result GifUsability Test Result 01
Hi-Fi Prototype
To view the redesigned website please visit


"Em is an exceptional UX researcher, copywriter, and creative. Her captivating copywriting skills, attention to detail, and proactive nature make her an invaluable asset to any team. Her professionalism, creativity, and courteous demeanor have made our collaboration a true pleasure. I would highly recommend her for any project that requires top-notch expertise in UX research and copywriting."

Caue Mattos

Fellow Product Designer